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Spring transformation challenge

What would you do with a $2000 trip voucher? You could take two all inclusive vacations at a 5 star resort in a sunny destination, two round trip flights to Australia (and then some), or fly a friend to Hawaii with you... twice!

What would you do with a $2000 trip voucher? You could take two all inclusive vacations at a 5 star resort in a sunny destination, two round trip flights to Australia (and then some), or fly a friend to Hawaii with you... twice!   

We, the trainers here at RTHC, Have a combined 14-year experience in the fitness industry. This includes over 12,000 of one-on-one personal training hours between the two of us in the last 28 months alone. Throughout this time, we have helped hundreds, even thousands, of men and women achieve their goals through personal training and online programs.

We aim to teach. Included in the program are several resources to ensure your success – not just 10 weeks from now – but in the long run. This challenge is NOT a quick fix, but a kick start with a fun incentive! 

We have had so much positive feedback and seen so much success in participants in the past (see for yourself). Each time we release a new transformation challenge, we try to bring more to the table. We want to make each round bigger, better, and more exciting. This time around we think we've created the best one yet.

So what is it?

This is a 10 week fitness challenge that includes all the resources you need to be successful on your journey.

You will never see us vouch for extremely low calorie diets or two-a-day workout plans that you often see in transformation challenges. We know that there are many elements of fitness, which is why factors such as mentality, self-love, and physical strength are assessed along with weight loss, muscle hypertrophy, and overall body composition.

what's the incentive?

The winner of the challenge will receive a $2000 trip voucher (CAD) OR $1500 cash (CAD).


In addition to this, everyone who joins the challenge will get access to a private Facebook group where challengers can participate in weekly “Mini Challenges” where they have the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards, merchandise, and other goodies. 

what does it include?

• Full 10-week resistance training and cardio program (choice between beginner gym program, intermediate-advanced gym program, and home program (minimal equipment required), based on your goal (fat loss, muscle hypertrophy (muscle gain), etc.)

• Workout programs are presented through the same smartphone app we use for online training clients. Through this method we are able to track your progress, keep you accountable, and easily keep in touch with you. Each exercise in the workout program is accompanied by an instructional video and description to ensure proper application for optimal results and injury prevention. It's like having a personal trainer in your back pocket!

One CUSTOM, 7-day, nutritionist-built meal plan based on your specific goals.



A comprehensive nutrition guide covering calories & macronutrients (what they are, how to determine the right numbers for you, and how to track them using My FitnessPal), simple meal prep friendly healthy recipes, supplement recommendations, and more. This option also includes sample meal plans.

Access to a private challengers-only Facebook group where everyone can support one another and participate in weekly “Mini Challenges” where they have the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards, merchandise, and other prizes.

*NEW* Even BIGGER focus on weekly mini challenges. There are more prizes, and bigger than ever.

*NEW* two private, challengers only bootcamp meet-ups at RT Health Company! Meet your trainers, fellow challengers, and jump in on an hour long sweat session. Stick around to mingle and ask any questions you may have. Healthy snacks and drinks will be provided for afterwards.

*NEW* an exclusive RTHC transformation challenge T-shirt!

• 24/7 email & app messenger support.

what will you learn?

• How to create a proper and effective workout split for your specific goals.

• Proper rep ranges for your goals and how to choose an appropriate weight.

• Proper technique for each exercise (all exercises in the program are accompanied by an instructional video).

• How to calculate and track your calories/macronutrients.

• Different cardio methods and the benefits of each.

• New meal ideas & recipes.

• The purpose of various supplements, and which ones can help you reach your goals.


​Q: Who can join the challenge?

A: Anyone in North America over the age of 18.


Q: how do you choose the winner?

A: No matter your fitness goal, you are eligible to win the grand prize. The winner is chosen based on many aspects including but not limited to fat loss, muscle gain / muscle tone, improved body composition, mindset, strength, and self-love.

Q: What equipment will I need to have access to in order to complete the gym-based program?

A: you will need to have access to cardio equipment, free weights (dumbbells/bars and plates), leg press, smith machine/squat rack, adjustable cable tower, various strength training machines, a small resistance band, a bosu ball, a TRX, etc.

Q: Do I need any equipment in order to complete the home based program?

A: You will need to have a small resistance band (mini band), a set of light (5-7lb), medium, (10-15lb), and heavy (20-30lb) dumbbells, and a hard bench, box, or chair (that is safe to stand on).

Q: I am vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/paleo/I don't like x, y, z... Can I still get a meal plan?

A: Yes! Meal plans are custom, built just for you.

Q: Do I have to follow the meal plan?

A: No! A custom meal plan will be built for you, but you do not have to follow it to a T. You also have the option to select the nutrition guide if you don't feel like a meal plan would be best for you.

Q: Do I have to track my calories/macros as explained in the nutrition guide?

A: No! The detailed nutrition guide was created to teach you how to calculate your calories and macronutrients, as well as how to track them. It includes lots of helpful information like sample meal plans, recipes, and ideas.


Q: What if I have an injury or limitation?

A: The 10-week workout guides that come with the challenge are generic, meaning there is no individualization beyond specific categories (i.e goals and where you'll be exercising (home or gym)), so you are responsible for determining your own limitations & finding alternate exercises. But of course, we are always here to help.

Q: How much does it cost to sign up?

A: Its costs $229+HST to enrol in the challenge ($600 value!). ​

Q: Can I purchase the workout plan without entering the challenge

A: Sure! The cost for the plan only is $100+HST. You WILL NOT receive anything else included in the challenge (custom meal plan, nutrition guide, ability to join bootcamp meet-ups, access to the Facebook group, ability to participate in mini-challenges for prizes, or eligibility to win the grand prize). The app-based workout plan is on a schedule, and you will be removed from the system after the 10 weeks is up - so be mindful of this! This can be used as a chance to see how our online training works and to try it out at a low price.

previous challengers, results, and testimonials


"The consistent changes in my weight really encouraged me over the course of the challenge. People telling me that they notice a difference in me has been really encouraging as well because I feel like I have more energy and am all around more happy."

"The results I was seeing really kept me motivated over the course of the challenge. I even saw changes within the first week! I woke up feeling more energetic, excited to go to work, and excited to work out. Now that the challenge is over I plan to keep it up!"

"I am so proud of the changes I have seen, and I am going to continue to work on myself, not to be "skinnier", but because this challenge has made me a better version of myself."

"I LOVED the mini challenges! They really kept us engaged and excited to continue. I feel like a winner even though I didn't win the "'grand prize'."

"You guys did an amazing job with this challenge. It really shows how much work you put into it and I feel like it gets better every time!. Loved the workouts, meal plan, and I learned a TON from the nutrition guide. Can't wait for the next one!!!"

"I can honestly say that this challenge has kick started a new way of living - its not just about an amazing prize! I have learned that living a healthy active lifestyle simply increases the enjoyment of everything."

"I'm surprised at how much the Facebook community helped me! Everyone's comments, encouragement, and engagement on the page was so encouraging for me! I think I'll really miss that."

"I can go up and down stairs without feeling tired and I can go for hikes with my dog and actually run with her. We have a blast and I'd never been able to keep up before!"

Previous challenge winner in Dominican Republic!

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN and runs until March 4thChallenge starts on March 11th. ENTRIES WILL BE CAPPED! Don't hesitate!


Click the button below to register!

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