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Small group training

Do you have 1-5 friends with similar goals? Small group training is a fun, cost effective way to experience personal training - and as we know, personal training is the most effective way to reach your goal safely and in a maintainable way. Our vision was to create a private, welcoming space free of the hustle and bustle of your local commercial gym. At RT Health Company, you'll find motivated, like-minded individuals coming together to create physical and general wellness.

The trainers at RT Health Company have a combined 20 year experience in the industry and have helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals through personal training. We can assist you in reaching any goal - Anywhere from weight loss to strength, mobility and stability, and from athletic performance to general wellness. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to seasoned athletes, and from teens to seniors. 

Rates vary depending on the number of individuals in your group (2-6).

CONTACT US to set up a free fitness assessment!

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